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Sports Nutrition

Is Nutrition Part of Your Game Plan?

You’ve trained hard, strengthened your body and increased your aerobic capacity. You increased your sport-related coordination and skills. Why not achieve the best performance you can by practicing science-based nutrition? Properly formulated nutrition provides the extra boost that can propel you to the next level.

Take Action!

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or someone who just wants to get the most from their workout, proper nutrition practices will help. David Rath Nutrition will work with you to help you reach your peak performance, fitness and health. You’ll learn about:

  • Pre-activity eating to maximize energy stores
  • What to consume during activity, to continually fuel muscles
  • How to stay hydrated – fluid losses equaling just 2% of body weight can significantly impair performance (and it doesn’t take long to arrive at this level of dehydration, particularly during hot weather)
  • Ergogenic aids and supplements – what substances are safe and effective for increasing performance potential
  • What proportion of carbohydrate, protein and fat should you consume for training vs. off-season diet
  • How to lose weight but still eat enough, and at the right times, to provide fuel for optimal performance
  • What are the most crucial nutrients that you need, given your physiology and activity level
  • How to eat on the road and still maintain a healthy, performance-enhancing diet

Contact David Rath Nutrition today and find out how nutrition can help you maintain peak fitness and performance.