David Rath individual counseling

David Rath offers nutrition services in the areas of sports nutrition, weight loss/maintenance and general wellness/disease prevention. Services can be provided through individual counseling, group presentations, organizational wellness programs or publications. David Rath Nutrition can help your staff develop a personalized weight loss plan or establish a healthier workplace through the benefits of corporate wellness programs.

Pertinent informational handouts and resources are provided with each service at no extra charge.

Individual Counseling

Following an assessment of dietary practices, medical history and body composition/weight status, David Rath Nutrition provides support that will help your staff create a lifestyle plan of action. Email and/or phone communications between formal sessions to respond to questions or to provide clarification of counseling issues is cost-free. All services, including educational and resource materials, are based on the most current scientific findings.

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Group Presentations & Wellness Speakers

David Rath Nutrition provides speeches, seminars and conference presentations on nutrition for sports performance, weight loss and maintenance, general wellness and disease prevention, or any particular aspect of these topics.

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Organizational Wellness Speakers and Programs

Health promotion programs are available to businesses and organizations. Benefits of corporate wellness programs often include increases in employee morale and productivity and decreases in absenteeism and workers' compensation claims. Wellness speakers can do a lot for your company or organization—find out how.

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Articles for broadcast and print media or organizational newsletters will be written on request. Articles can cover any topic area of the nutritional services offered.