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Group Presentations

Need a dynamic speaker for a conference, health summit, educational workshop, seminar, worksite health program or health fair? How about for a breakfast, luncheon or dinner on a nutrition topic that’s currently hot on everyone’s mind? David has more than two decades of experience providing presentations, speeches and lectures on sports nutrition, weight management, wellness/disease prevention and other nutrition-related topics to audiences both large and small.

Sports Nutrition

Do you have a running group training for a marathon or a 5K? A biking organization prepping for a ride or race? How about a triathlon? Maybe a gym that wants to provide a service to its members, or staff to be trained in nutrition to optimize workouts. David has worked with high school, college and professional teams, as well as individual athletes and even ballerinas. Using the most current evidence-based research, he will:

  • Present and answer questions regarding nutrition to improve performance
  • Do body composition assessments
  • Provide handouts with information, tips and recipes
  • Tailor the presentation and information to specific sports or activities
  • Schedule individual consultations

Weight Management

David has provided services for TOPPS, the UAMS weight management program, and numerous other groups. He has received the Commission on Dietetic Registration’s Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, and stays abreast of the most current weight management strategies and research that have shown success.

Members of your group will discover how they can lose weight and keep it off without sacrificing their favorite foods or making drastic changes in their lifestyles. They will learn how factors such as stress and sleep can affect weight. Information and tips on weight control will be provided, as well as recipes that are healthy, easy to prepare, and won’t break your calorie bank! The fundamentals of weight control will be discussed, including practical ways to monitor calorie balance with minimal distraction from your everyday life.

Wellness/Disease Prevention

Every day we’re discovering how good nutrition, as well as specific foods and beverages, can maintain health and prevent disease. Find out what the latest research has revealed about the disease-fighting ability of nutrition, and what part “functional foods” and “phytochemicals” play. Participants will learn how to fit these foods and nutrients into their diets, in order to maintain health and wellness and greatly lower their risk of contracting the chronic diseases that are only too plentiful in America today.


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