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General Wellness & Disease Prevention

Nutrition is Good Medicine!

Nutrition is a relatively new science with continually emerging research on the health benefits of foods and beverages and their nutrients. In addition to traditional nutrients, there are thousands of other substances being discovered that can lower your risk of contracting chronic diseases and disorders, or mitigating their effects once they are present. Nutrition has become the best, and least expensive, preventative medicine you can take.

Cutting Edge Recommendations Tailored to the Client

David Rath Nutrition continually reviews current research to stay abreast of new developments, so that appropriate eating patterns can be recommended for its clients according to their health needs. Prior to the first session, medical and nutrition history forms are completed by the client and then reviewed, so as to ensure that each client’s special dietary needs are met. Existing disease and/or family history of disease are taken into account. Sophisticated nutrition software is used to analyze all facets of the client’s diet and activity, and then recommendations are made.

Whether it is a diet for prevention or treatment of chronic diseases and disorders, or special diets for food allergies or intolerances, David Rath Nutrition will make sure the client receives the best nutrition eating plan for any disease state, while maintaining all nutrients for health, and with as little variation as possible from the way the client is used to eating.

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