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Rosalyn S.David Rath Nutrition taught me to make small changes that I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle. I learned to control portions and make healthy substitutions that were similar to the foods I was already eating. I also learned the importance of physical activity and ways to fit it into my life. David is a good motivator, always providing encouragement.  Even when I had a slip, he continued to provide the support and encouragement I needed to get back on track and achieve my goals.
Chris N.“David worked with me to help me achieve a healthier diet and eating habits.  David explained everything to me in a way I could easily understand.  I could tell that he genuinely cared about improving my life and helping me reach my fat fighting and health goals.  After following the plan he made for me for a little over two months now, I feel more energetic than I used to and have noticed that I am slimmer in my waist.
Jennifer P.I had a suspicion that I wasn’t on the right track with my meal plans. At age 42, with a 5 year old daughter, I thought my husband and I were putting the best food on the table for all of us. After I met with David, I was a bit shocked. I was surprised after being on the plan he gave me at how small substitutions could make a huge difference. He changed the way I saw my shopping list, taught me how to quickly evaluate a food, and helped me agonize less over “guilty pleasures” that were stressing me out… for no reason!

Then I got my daughter involved. David showed us a healthier way to sustain her kidney health that involved less medication and more daily nutritional changes. My five year old now asks for edamame and black eyed peas. WHAT?! Um, yes
Harrison M.I went to David as an athlete looking for ways to maximize my performance on a vegetarian diet, and it’s safe to say I got much more than that. He assessed my current eating habits and recommended ways to improve them that would maximize my preparation for and recovery after workouts and competitions. He helped me think about food beyond just “good” and “bad".

Different foods serve different purposes, and using that knowledge has greatly improved the way I plan my meals in relation to my athletic goals. He also provided me with plenty of take-home information that I could reference when making my everyday dietary choices and building a structured eating plan. I asked countless questions during our sessions, and David always had an answer. It’s very clear that he knows what he’s talking about.
Rob M.Since meeting with David Rath, I can't help but consider the nutritional value of the foods I eat. Am I getting enough protein, calcium, or fiber? Am I eating too many high carb or high sodium foods? This heightened awareness has helped me maintain my weight loss by paying closer attention to my diet. David's scientific expertise on nutrition and health as well as his practical advice on goal setting and rewards helped break down a topic that is vast and scary into one that is easy and manageable.